Monday, 25 October 2010

Hello and welcome back, I do appreciate you dropping by ;-)  So the picture above is the girl who won the best in King/Queen style contest tonight. I went as Marie Antoinette, you know... the Queen of France back in the 1700s who got her head chopped off!!!! lol

This is a picture of me with my head chopped off in Carries Lingerie VIP area spooky or what?
I had so much fun putting this outfit together and I'm so happy to have won 1st prize... The other girls who won tonight were...
              2nd-Mali Taurus
                      3rd- Laylah Lecker

Well done to everyone who entered, we all did a great job ;-)

Spike took this picture of me at one of our favourite dance spots so romantic over there and the people are great too. On another note, I have not updated you recently on how I am getting on with the UCWS training.

Well I am pleased to inform you all I passed the midterm on Sunday and today was the final exam. Oh I was so nervous and the lag was awful... I froze at one point and could not move but only for a few seconds which felt like a life time... lol, anyway I am proud to say I even passed the finals today (Aint I a clever cookie?)

Today has been a really rewarding day but I must say good night... this little chickie is exhausted!

Until next time
Big huggle Bloss ;-)

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Style Contest 1950s

Hello all you sexy people... the picture above is my 50s style costume.  I feel my outfit was spot on
as I had sexy pearls, sassy funky 50s style shoes and hot red cat glasses.  The sailors outfit was from the Jetdolls sim. I found the hair there too and its totally fab.

So as you can see from the picture above..... I did come second ....I could hardly believe it too.
This style contest was part of my midterms for UCWS and I scored 47/50....... Way to go me!

I loved putting this outfit together and everyone looked fab. SD came third so that was two
students that came up tops ......all our hard work is paying off ...thank god the blisters on my
finger tips might start to heal now lol.

1st Laylah Lecker
             2nd- Blossom Mistwood
                                3rd-SD Damiano
Anyway till next time my lovelies huggles Bloss ;-)

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Scary Halloween Style contest 20/10/10

Hey you little lovelies, did you all miss me???

Well tonight I entered the Scary Halloween Styling Contest.

My styling outfit was Little Dead Riding Hood and I worked so hard on my costume and thought I looked awesome. 
My pictures are above, what's your view???

I did well hitting all my dots, so my hard work and practising is begining to pay off... "yay"

All the girls did so well tonight and the winners were
1st-AngelRaella Shelman
             2nd-Laylah Lecker
                           3rd-Debbiedo Tigerfish

Lots of huggles till next time Bloss ;-)

Friday, 15 October 2010

Way To Go Girls ;-)

Hey you lovely people out there, yes I'm back again!!!

I was in tonight's contest Best In Piercings and omg those girls were HOT!

We had piercings on our lips, ears, eyes, backs, stomachs and lots more places... wink wink ;-)  We also had crazy spikey hair and tatoos all over our sexy hot bodies...

Wow... Wow and more Wow!
All the girls did a fabulous job working the runway.
Anrol Anthony was the judge for tonights style contest.

Congratulations to the winners!
1st-Adrianna Applewhyte
2nd-LaCarnal Dreamscape
3rd- Diana Balhaus
Way to go girls!!!!

Till next time Huggles Bloss ;-)

Yay I Won !!!!

Tonight's Scary Halloween contest was the best so far for me!  My costume was Chucky from the film series, Child's Play.  It is one of my favourite films.

There where many fabulous outfits from Scary Skeletons to Blood Bride Zombies. LaCarnal Dreanscape  was the judge of the contest and I dont know how she was able to chose a winner as there we so many great costumes.  And I WON WON WON YAY!!!!

I love participating in these contests as it give me the opportunity to practice under pressure on the runway and gives me a chance to use my poses in different costumes. Ziggrich and Didier came in second and third, way to go guys!  

Huggles Bloss ;-)

My Very First Post!!!

Well hello there this is my first ever blog post and am so excited.

I first rezzed into SL on the 28/01/10 and although I've only been here a few months I am enjoying my second life so much.

I started hanging out at Classic With Style watching the girls and guys floating beautifully up and down the runway. I knew instantly I wanted to be doing this with them. 

I was quickly welcomed into the CWS family and recently joined the University on the 07/10/10.  I am enjoying learning all about fashion, the runway and (this is where the blog comes in) blogging.

The other day we learned how to make a blog page and how to set it up.  I haven't found this very easy but I am slowly learning the ropes.

I invite you to follow me on all my adventures... see how my classes are going and maybe you will join our family at CWS.

I welcome any comments on how good I'm doing... well that's if I am doing good... :D Please leave your comments and let me know!!!

Huggles Bloss ;-)