Monday, 25 October 2010

Hello and welcome back, I do appreciate you dropping by ;-)  So the picture above is the girl who won the best in King/Queen style contest tonight. I went as Marie Antoinette, you know... the Queen of France back in the 1700s who got her head chopped off!!!! lol

This is a picture of me with my head chopped off in Carries Lingerie VIP area spooky or what?
I had so much fun putting this outfit together and I'm so happy to have won 1st prize... The other girls who won tonight were...
              2nd-Mali Taurus
                      3rd- Laylah Lecker

Well done to everyone who entered, we all did a great job ;-)

Spike took this picture of me at one of our favourite dance spots so romantic over there and the people are great too. On another note, I have not updated you recently on how I am getting on with the UCWS training.

Well I am pleased to inform you all I passed the midterm on Sunday and today was the final exam. Oh I was so nervous and the lag was awful... I froze at one point and could not move but only for a few seconds which felt like a life time... lol, anyway I am proud to say I even passed the finals today (Aint I a clever cookie?)

Today has been a really rewarding day but I must say good night... this little chickie is exhausted!

Until next time
Big huggle Bloss ;-)

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