Friday, 15 October 2010

My Very First Post!!!

Well hello there this is my first ever blog post and am so excited.

I first rezzed into SL on the 28/01/10 and although I've only been here a few months I am enjoying my second life so much.

I started hanging out at Classic With Style watching the girls and guys floating beautifully up and down the runway. I knew instantly I wanted to be doing this with them. 

I was quickly welcomed into the CWS family and recently joined the University on the 07/10/10.  I am enjoying learning all about fashion, the runway and (this is where the blog comes in) blogging.

The other day we learned how to make a blog page and how to set it up.  I haven't found this very easy but I am slowly learning the ropes.

I invite you to follow me on all my adventures... see how my classes are going and maybe you will join our family at CWS.

I welcome any comments on how good I'm doing... well that's if I am doing good... :D Please leave your comments and let me know!!!

Huggles Bloss ;-)


  1. Doing Fab Bloss loving it x

  2. Hey Bloss just to let you know your Blogs are fab keep up the good work hun. I am so happy to ahve shared this ecperience os studying with you here and have yo say your a gem and i loves ya laods xxxxx