Saturday, 23 October 2010

Style Contest 1950s

Hello all you sexy people... the picture above is my 50s style costume.  I feel my outfit was spot on
as I had sexy pearls, sassy funky 50s style shoes and hot red cat glasses.  The sailors outfit was from the Jetdolls sim. I found the hair there too and its totally fab.

So as you can see from the picture above..... I did come second ....I could hardly believe it too.
This style contest was part of my midterms for UCWS and I scored 47/50....... Way to go me!

I loved putting this outfit together and everyone looked fab. SD came third so that was two
students that came up tops ......all our hard work is paying off ...thank god the blisters on my
finger tips might start to heal now lol.

1st Laylah Lecker
             2nd- Blossom Mistwood
                                3rd-SD Damiano
Anyway till next time my lovelies huggles Bloss ;-)

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